Daedeok R&D center

Global Technology Leader & Value Creater The Daedeok R&D Center will lead the technological development of Korea’s petrochemical industry

As a result of focusing on developing the high value-added petrochemical industry since its establishment in 1987, the DL Chemical Daedeok R&D Center has made several milestones in the development of Korea’s petrochemical industry, including the first domestic company to have commercialized metallocene polyethylene, the first domestic company to have commercialized polybutene technology, and the first domestic company to export in-house technology to the American market.
We will strive to develop high value-added, cutting-edge technology with the goal of becoming a chemical company that leads the future.

Securing future technology

Secure competitive advantage and
lead the market by continuously
developing differentiated technology

business value

Maximize business value to secure
competitiveness such as improving
quality, developing new products and
increasing productivity in line with
customers’ requests

Strengthening research

Foster optimal talents by strengthening
inner competence and establishing a
collaboration system, and suggest the
direction the industry should go