Please let me introduce you to Daelim Industrial’s Petrochemical Division. Ever Since it was founded in 1939, Daelim has always been a part of the history of Korea’s economic development with its construction and petrochemical business. By entering petrochemical business in 1979, Daelim has contributed to the advancement of Korea’s petrochemical sector based on the R&D and operational expertise with continuous innovation. Through joint ventures with distinguished domestic and international companies, Daelim has led its expertise in the petrochemical industry with raw materials as well as production and sales of the final product and strengthened its position as all around petrochemical company. Daelim has ultimate expertise on the field of polyethylene, polybutene and BOPP film businesses and provided outstanding products for customer’s satisfaction and has been recognized for its excellent and competitiveness in the international market. Polyethylene is a widely used material at industry sites and also for everyday life such as film, large containers and pipes. Daelim is stably suppling polyethylene to the customers with superb development technology and excellent operational experise. Especially In 2005, Daelim became the first Korean company to successfully commercialize metallocene polyethylene with better physical properties and existing polyethylene using its own technology for developing the material. It has been receiving technical licensing requests from other companies all around the world. Metallocene polyethylene is used widely from packaging film to heating pipe based on excellent properties. In order to increase the value for the customers Daelim develops specialized metallocene polyethylene grade, such as VLDPE for high-quality film and EPPE for improved extrusion process ability. In the future, Daelim’s polyethylene will always remain as leading product in the market and will stay with our customers in differentiated product with high value-added. Polybutene is an environmentally friendly substance that reduces environmental pollution by being used for lubricant additives and fuel additives. Daelim’s Polybutene successfully went into commercial production with its own technology from basic synthesis to manufacturing processes in 1993. After 20 years of commercial operation, it has become the uumber 1 in the global market by expending the market shares with its world leading technology and quality. Daelim developed the highly reactive polybutene technology with the enhanced function of the existing polybutene that only 3 manufacturers all around the world have. Daelim also developed a technology for the first time in the world in which a single plant manufactures conventional polybutene and highly reactive polybutene simultaneously. In 2015, Daelim exported its polybutene technology to the US which is also known as the home of petrochemical industry by licensing to Lubrizol, the largest lubricant additive manufacturer in the world. Daelim will continue to be a leader of the petrochemical field with advanced technologies. BOPP Film is used for goods of daily life, such as food packaging, paper laminations and adhesive tapes. Daelim’s BOPP film is renowned for customer satisfactions in all the important areas such as production, sales and quality based on Korea’s Top production capacity and management. In particular, it manufactures various functional products using the nation’s only 5-layer equipment to provide customers with products of superior properties. In the future, we will expand the high value-added product line-up, including EVA coated film to raise its status as a leading BOPP film manufacturer in Korea. By utilizing superior R&D capabilities excellent operational expertise and specialized plant engineering, Daelim will expand its high value-added and environmentally friendly products, and keep pushing forward with business expansion overseas to grow as a leading global company. Daelim will never stop taking the challenges to move forward into the future.

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