CEO Message

“We will become a leading petrochemical company in the global market
with endless innovation and creative challenge.”
Welcome to DL Chemical’ Website.

DL is a specialized company in petrochemical industry in Korea, which has been in line with the development process of the Korean petrochemical industry.

Since we entered the petrochemical industry in 1979, we have repeated development through continuous investment, collaboration with global companies and business concentration. Based on in-house technology and a prominent process operation, customers have been satisfied with our general-purpose resin for specialty products. In particular, we were the first company in the history of the petrochemical industry in Korea to export petrochemical manufacturing technology to the American market as well as the first company to commercialize metallocene polyethylene and polyisobutene.

Moreover, we also make an effort to lead protecting the environment and ensuring a safe workplace through active practice of environmental, health and safety management. We strive to become a respected company through various social contribution activities. We work hard to grow with our employees through labor-management harmony and human resource development.

We will continue our innovation and creative challenge to rise to a leadership position in the industry.
We appreciate your ongoing support and interest in our activities.